Billie Eilish just revealed the *exact* perfume she wears

Billie Eilish just revealed the *exact* perfume she wears

Let s face it, recent Billie news has been mostly hair-related after she went and broke by ditching her signature green hair colour for a stunning platinum-blonde.


And she s kept us hooked ever since, posting regular selfies and even revealing on TikTok that she s been blonde for like two months, but wearing a black and green wig to conceal it sneaky devil.


She s also experimented with an array of different hairstyles since the big switch-up the platinum messy topknot was a personal fave, and we re totally feeling the blocky fringe.


But if you ve been busy stalking Billie s grid for another hair update, you might have missed her on Stories telling the world exactly what she smells like! And we re not talking about the types of notes she leans towards here - she literally posted a picture of the fragrances on her shelf during an impromptu IG Q&A, GAH!


And of course her collection was as niche and eclectic as you d expect from The Queen of Cool, including the likes of Le Labo Another , £ a dirty, animalistic, sweet-earthy blend, thanks to ambroxan, jasmine and moss notes and Etat Libre d Orange I Am Trash, £ think: sweet n soapy notes of jammy rose, citrus and apple.


Although Billie didn t elaborate on how she chooses which fragrance to spritz day-to-day, or if she has a quirky application technique like Kaia Gerber, one thing is clear: she takes her perfume pricey, so start saving, people...


Other fragrances in her stash included Dolce & Gabbana velvet Wood Eau de Parfum, which appears to be sold out no surprise there, and an $ Amber Oil Roll-on available in Whole Foods US.


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