Olivia Putman Designs Limited Edition L’Air du Temps Bottle

Olivia Putman Designs Limited Edition L’Air du Temps Bottle

RIS — Designer Olivia Putman has left her mark on the newest L’Air du Temps limited-edition bottle, which is due out worldwide in early May. 123fragrance.net


“It’s been my perfume for years,” she said of the Nina Ricci scent that was launched post-World War II, in . “I really wanted to bring something precious to it and something light at the same time.”


The original L’Air du Temps bottle, created by Robert Ricci and Marc Lalique, had doves engraved in its stopper and contained the eau de parfum juice by perfumer Francis Fabron. Three years later, Ricci and Lalique introduced another flacon for the scent with a pair of doves kissing, which remains its iconic bottle.


The design of L’Air du Temps’ flacon for the eau de toilette, meanwhile, underwent numerous iterations. What linked them all was that each featured the kissing birds. Most recently, in , Philippe Starck reworked the bottle.


For her part, Putman colored the doves on the stopper blue and gave the flacon’s ridges the same hue. She said the blue came to her since it gave an airy feeling.


“For me it really evokes liberty,” said Putman. “I wanted discretely to underline the work of Marc Lalique.”


About , flacons are to be available in all, said Caius Von Knorring, marketing director at Nina Ricci, which is owned by Puig.


He explained artistic collaborations on L’Air du Temps — with the likes of Andy Warhol and Jean Cocteau — have been part of its tradition.


“The aim for us is to give the most freedom possible to artists with whom we collaborate, so they can interpret L’Air du Temps in their own fashion,” said Von Knorring.123fragrance.net